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1950s armchair Blue Gold black white Velvet upholstery by Gigi Radice

£ 3,500 / Item

An of early 1950s Italian design armchair, completely upholstered wooden frame on black enamelled

1950s Italian Desk Armchair by Vittorio Dassi

£ 1,896

A late 1940s early 1950s Italian design armchair by Dassi. Off white fabric upholstery

Pair of Mid Century armchairs Italian design by Federico Munari

£ 5,400 / Set

A Pair of outstanding 1950s armchairs Italian designed by Federico Munari. Curved back, wooden

Tecno P32 armchair by Osvaldo Borsani

£ 3,360

“Tecno P32” armchair with swivelling and tilting effects designed by Osvaldo Borsani c.1962

Pair of Italian Red armchairs Attributed to Marco Zanuso

£ 3,360 / Set

A pair of red upholstered armchairs, black enamelled brass feet. In style of Marco

Pair of Piumino Italian Design Jonathan de Pas Donato D’urbino

£ 7,680 / Set

A very iconic and stylish pair of 1970s lounge armchairs, Italian design by Jonathan

Gae Aulenti Stringa Sofa

£ 2,976

” Stringa ” sofa black leather upholstery on tubular chrome frame, designed by Gae

A single 1940s French Boudoire chair

£ 840

A single 1940s French Boudoire chair, original upholstery design by S. Rocha Price

Vintage Red leather Sgarsul Rocking Chair by Gae Aulenti

£ 4,620

“Sgarsul” rocking chair leather upholstered on a black lacquered bent wood structure designed by

1950s side chairs by Gastone Rinaldi

£ 2,256 / Set

Pair of 1950s chairs, original blue fabric upholstery designed by Gastone Rinaldi

A 1950s French armchair

£ 540

A mid century armchairs. French design ebony wooden structure, original yellow PVC upholstery. 1

A pair of fauteuils

£ 2,016 / Set
A beautiful pair of Fauteuils,

A pair of fauteuils

£ 2,016 / Set

A beautiful pair of Fauteuils, hand curved gilt wood structure, upholstered in ‘ Operato’

A pair of 1950s French design armchairs

£ 2,160 / Set

A pair of French1950s armchairs, faux fur upholstery.

Pair of Modernist Armchairs by Augusto Bozzi

£ 3,360 / Set

Pair of armchairs wrought black enamelled iron frame with champagne bronze leather upholstery Italian

Italian reclinable armchair by Nello Pini

£ 2,880

A reclinable armchair designed by Nello Pini for Oscar Gigante . Metal structure with

Pair of 1940s Italian design armchairs

£ 3,360 / Set

A pair of Elegant Italian design armchairs, polished bend wooden structure , beige velvet

A Sculptural armchair ByAnacleto Spazzapan

£ 2,880

A sculptural armchair, wooden structure with loose multicolor leather upholstery, unique work of Art

Pair of Armchairs by Guglielmo Ulrich

£ 6,480 / Set

A pair of stunning Italian armchairs, blue velvet upholstery, ebonised feet. A design by

Showing all 21 results