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1960s black enamel and chrome desk Lamp by Kaiser Idell

£ 800

Desk lamp by Kaiser Idell, black enamel shade which has movable shade and arm, Made in Germany ca 1960-70s

1960s Italian design table lamps attributed to Stilnovo

£ 820

1960’s table lamp Italian design attributed to Stilnovo . Solid brass structure with a white glass globe shade in patterned ” acidato “

Italian design Pencil lamp by Itre

£ 850

Pencil lamp, Hand blown glass shade with red glass top tip on a black enamelled metal base. Italian design made in Murano. ca 1950s

Stilnovo style Desk Lamp Black Enamelled Metal Shade

£ 2,100

A very catching mid-century original lamp. Black enamel on metal articulated shade with a brass tubular structure standing on three points “Up and Down” lamp. An original Italian design early 1960s up and down lighting table or desk lamp in the manner of Stilnovo. Very well crafted high quality materials.

Mid Century Brass sputnik ceiling light by Stillovo

£ 1,600

A 12 lights Stilnovo design sputnik ceiling light brass structure black enamelled lamp holders.


Pair of Mid Century Modern wall lights by Stilnovo

£ 2,340 / Set

A pair of wall lights, Italian design by Stilnovo. 1950c. White lacquered metal shades  (with blue and red) on brass structure.

Mid century style 12 lights chandelier

£ 8,980

Twelve Moons chandelier. Brass structure 12 arms placed on two levels, Mid century style.

Pair of Max Ingrand wall lights for Fontana Arte Mod.2093

£ 6,500 / Set

Pair of wall lights Glass and brass metal structure, design by Max Ingrand for Fontana Arte Model 2093. Made in Italy ca.1960s

A pair of wall lights by Gio Ponti

£ 4,980 / Set

A pair of wall lights designed by Gio Ponti ca.1960s for candle

Pair of table lamps amber colour mirror

£ 2,980 / Set

A pair of table lamps, amber mirrored with quadriedri glass rips, made in Murano, Italy.

Vintage Totem table lamp by Cenedese

£ 1,800

Satin blue and clear blown glass table lamp 1960’s. Designed by Cenedese Italy. Stamped

Pair of Murano glass 4 sphears table lamps

£ 1,980 / Set

An elegant pair of blown glass table lights. Italian design made in Murano. Four spheres sand colour with gold inclusions on a black base. Signed by Alberto Dona.

Pair of pear Olive green shaped Battuto table lamps

£ 2,680 / Set

A sophisticated pair of “pear shaped” venetian table lamps Olive green blown glass with satin finish, with a Battuto technique. Italian design, 1980’s. Artist Alberto Dona’.

Pair of table lamps Blown Murano glass clear and gold

£ 2,280

A pair of table lights. Blown Murano glass clear and gold inclusion . Three spheres.

Pair of table lamp with 3 sphere purple and gold inclusion

£ 1,980 / Set

Pair of table  lamps, hand blown Murano glass with 3 sphere purple and gold inclusion. Made in Italy

Pair of Vintage brass face sculpture table lamps

£ 3,840 / Set

Pair of brass face sculpture table lamps, Made in Italy ca. 1970s

Pair of table lamps blown grey Murano glass

£ 1,880 / Set

A pair of grey colour blown glass Italian table lamps with gold inclusions and bubbles. 1980’s made in Murano, Italy

Poliedri Chandelier acqamare clear fume Murano glass

£ 5,400

Vintage Poliedri chandelier, hand blown Acquamarine crystal fume Poliedri components on chrome structure. Made in Italy.

Murano Pink and Clear Tubi chandelier

£ 3,200

Murano  glass Tubi tronchi chandelier Pink and clear glass components on silver colour lacquered structure.

Stilnovo space ship shaped designed floor lamp

£ 2,800 / Item

Floor lamp, Black enamel on metal frame Black and cream colour metal shade in disk shaped with brass details. Made by Stilnovo,  Italy 1950s

Pair of 1980s floor lamps brass and glass Italian design

£ 3,400

A pair of floor lamps brass structure with White blown Murano glass satin finish olive shaped Italian design midcentury style .Made in Italy 1980s

Mid-century style floor lamp by Diego Mardegan

£ 2,980

One of a kind bespoke floor lamp. Brass, marble base, blue/white perspex shade Italian Design

2020 Spider Special Edition Design by Diego Mardegan

£ 11,800

A big ceiling lighting fixture,  2020 Spider Special Edition Design by Diego Mardegan

Pair of 1970s Bronzed brass table lamps by Frigerio

£ 4,800 / Set

A beautiful pair of Table Lamps, chiseled brass structure with abstract pattern, cream colour matt silk shades.

Deca Drums brass structure flash Ceiling Light

£ 5,800

Deca Drums ceiling light. Brass structure with white satin finish glass shades shaped as small drums.

Pair of large wall lights clear colour Poliedri by Venini

£ 5,800 / Set

A pair of outstanding wall lights. 100 clear blown glass components “Poliedri” on a

Star Five Ceiling light Black and Brass

£ 6,800

Star five ceiling light black shades, brass articulated arms. Design by Fedele Papagni 20th century Italian design.

Electra Lamp by Giuliana Gramigna for Artemide

£ 1,650

“Electra” Giuliana Gramigna for Artemide lamp in white lacquered metal white glass diffuser. 1968, Italian design.

1960s Venini ceiling light

£ 4,400 / Item

1960s Venini Ceiling Light, Italian Murano Design Blown Clear Glass ( Pair available )

Pair of pendant lights by Gae Aulenti

£ 3,560 / Set

Pair of suspension lights, blown Murrina technique designed by Gae Aulenti for Vistosi c.1960-70 Italy

Max Ingrand design for Fontana Model 2020 Floor lamp

£ 8,480

An elegant floor lamp, brass and black enamelled metal structure with glass shades. Italian design by Max Ingrand for Fontana Arte.

Pair of Tobacco Murano Glass Rock Table Lamps

£ 3,400

A pair of Murano diamond cut faceted tobacco color glass table lamps. Made in Italy

Pair of Amber Murano Diamond Cut Faceted Glass Table Lamps

£ 3,400

A pair of Murano diamond cut faceted amber color glass table lamps. Made in Italy

Tall Floor Lamps White Frosted Glass Shades on Brass

£ 3,840 / Set

Modern Pair of Tall Floor Lamps White Frosted Glass Shades on Brass, Italian

Showing 1–48 of 248 results