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Venini Skyscraper Clear amber smoke colour chandelier

£ 8,640

“Venini Skyscraper” Triedri Chandelier clear, hand blown Triedri glass mix of amber. Mink, smoke

BIG LAMP chandelier by Diego Mardegan

£ 14,256

Big lamp Chandelier, An elegant 12 lighting fixture, brass structure and arms with black

Drum shaped Clear Poliedri blown Murano glass chandelier

£ 6,360

A large drum shaped Venini Poliedri chandelier, hand blown clear glass Poliedri components on

Pair of Blue colour Pendants by Gae Aulenti for VISTOSI

£ 2,160 / Item

A pair suspension lights, blown glass Murano Murrina technique designed by Gae Aulenti for

Mid century Red and Gold chandelier by Gaetano Sciolari

£ 1,550

1970s design chandelier, red lacquered on brass structure. Design by Gaetano Sciolari Made in

Murano tubi pulegoso chandelier

£ 5,500

Murano Tubi white pulegoso technique blown glass tubes components on white lacquered structure. made

Manhattan chandelier

£ 7,176

Manhattan chandelier, sculptural lighting fixture, Bespoke design created through a series of handcrafted steps

Sella Piccolo Murano glass chandelier

£ 2,680

“Sella Piccolo” hand blown clear and white submerso glass components on a steel structure.

1950s amber colour Poliedri chandelier

£ 5,800

1950’s Poliedri chandelier design by Paolo Scarpa for Venini, amber colour blow Murano crystal

An Outstanding Large Murano Piastre glass Chandelier

£ 20,000

580 Hand blown Murano “Piastre” smoke colour glass components on bronzed sprayed oval metal

Murano Barovier e Toso Palmette Chandelier

£ 5,400

An outstanding Murano ceiling light, clear blown “Palm” leaves shaped on steel structure by

Poker chandelier by Cenedese

£ 4,668

A unique “Poker” ceiling light brush steel frame with glass components in red and black in the shape of the four poker seeds. Designed by Cenedese Murano Italy.

conditions: perfect

Measurements : Height : 100cm (39.4 in.) Diameter: 70cm (27.6in)

Item Code:FM67

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Barovier and Toso chandelier

£ 4,200

Blown glass ceiling light ceiling light. Made in Murano 1938/48 Design by Barovier e Toso
Pulegoso technique.

conditions:very good

Measurements : Height : 100cm Diameter: 75cm

Item Code:FM157

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Amethyst Blown Venetian Glass Chandelier

£ 10,620

A beautifully elegant important Venetian chandelier. Blown amethyst glass,12 arms with light holders ornate with tendrils and drops. Venini School.


Measurements : Height : 140cm (55.1in.) Diameter: 110cm (43.3in.)

Item Code:FM94

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NASTRO ceiling light by Venini

£ 8,160

A Venini 10 tiers “Nastro” ribboned clear blown glass components on a steel frame. Made in Italy


Measurements : Height : 120cm (47.2) Diameter: 65cm (25.6in.)

Item Code:FM172

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Max Ingrand for Fontana Arte ceiling light

£ 9,420

1960s. A 17 light bulb fixture. smoked glass ,chromed steel structure by Max Ingrand for Fontana Arte

Medusa by Simone Cenedese Ceiling light

£ 12,960

Medusa ceiling light, hand brown clear and frost submerso components on a brushed steel structure. Design by Simone Cenedese Murano Italy


Measurements : Height : 110cm (43.3in.)Diameter: 110cm (43.3in.)

Item Code:FM160/CL30098

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1950s Milanese ceiling light

£ 3,360

Medusa celing light, hand brown clear and frost submerso components on a brushed steel structure. Design by Simone Cenedese Murano Italy


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GLASS FALL ceiling light sculpture

£ 11,760

Strings of blown stone shaped glass clear crystals suspension ceiling light with 4 spot lights. Made in Italy


Measurements : Height : 300cm (118in.) Depth: 50cm Length/Width: 50cm (20in.)

Item Code:FM69 / CL3274

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Vistosi ceiling light

£ 4,560

Hand blown opaline colour glass drop shape components on chrome structure. Murano Italy Design by Vistosi

10 lights


Measurements : Height : 80cm (31.5in.)Diameter: 60cm (23.6in.)

Item Code:FM1424/CL3348

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An Large and long Murano ceiling light

£ 9,300

A 12 light bulbs ceiling light Blown clear murano glass components on chrome steel

Rezzonico Chandelier

£ 13,900

Rezzonico Lattimo Venetian Chandelier Made in Murano Cendese
12 lights


Measurements : Height :160cm (74.8in.) Diameter: 140cm (55in.)

Item Code:FM1425/CL300164

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A large 1940s Venetian Chandelier

£ 5,856

A Large 1940s Venetian Chandelier. Hand blown smoked color glass, 12 lights . Made in Italy Murano ca.1940

conditions:very good

Measurements : Height :115cm Diameter: 135cm

Item Code:FM58

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An outstanding Tre Cento ring ceiling light

£ 9,360

An outstanding Cento Tre ring ceiling light, adjustable brass structure heights, movable multi colour enamel shades. Italian design

Adjust height 60cm or 90cm

conditions: perfect. re-enameled

Measurements : Height :60cm Height 2 :90cm Diameter:170cm

Item Code:FM125

Shipping:We ship Worldwide

LUIGI 7 wall or ceiling light

£ 4,740

“Luigi 7”, seven articulated arms, cream white colour enamelled shades on a brass structure. Gino Sarfatti design. Made in Italy

conditions: perfect

Item Code:FM538

Shipping:We ship Worldwide

1960s Rectangular Shape Amber Colour Venini Triedri Chandelier

£ 8,160

A stunning rectangular Venini ceiling light. hand blown amber colour “Triedri” glass components on chrome steel structure. Italian design Murano



Massimo Vignelli suspension lights

£ 7,680

Four suspension lights. Blown glass incased and “Incalmo” technique design by Massimo Vignelli for Venini, Murano Italy 1958

conditions: perfect

Measurements : Height:77cm (30.31in.)Diameter:12cm (4.7in.)

Item Code:FM198

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1950s Vistosi ceiling light

£ 2,736

Vistosi ceiling light. White and clear sommerso glass components on white enameled structure. Italian ca.1950s

22 light bulbs

conditions: very good vintage condition

Measurements : Height:110cm (43.30in.)Diameter:45cm (17.72in.)

Item Code:FM106/CL3464

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Mazzega suspension light

£ 1,980

Mazzega suspension light , ca. 1960

conditions: Perfect

Measurements : Height: 90cm (35.43in.) Length/Width: 50cm (19.7in.) Depth: 50cm (19.7in.)

Item Code:FM1327/CL30013

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A pair of sciolari ceiling lights

£ 2,000 / Item

A pair of sciolari ceiling lights design by Gaetano Sciolari ca.1970s

Venini amber TRIEDRI ceiling light

£ 8,160

An outstanding ceiling light, amber and clear submerso blown TRIEDRI glass components on chromed steel structure. Made in Italy.


1950s Italian design ceiling light

£ 2,856

A pop art ceiling light, blown clear and smoked glass components suspended on a chain. A 1950’s design by Mazzega.

Measurements : Height: 100cm (39.4in.) Diameter: 50cm (19.7in.)

Item Code:FM1445

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Seguso suspension light

£ 1,440

A Seguso Suspension light

Measurements :Height: 100cm Height 2:20cm</spanDiameter: 17cm

Item Code:FM438

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Three arms Venetian chandelier

£ 1,656

Three arms Venetian Chandelier

Conditions: perfect

Measurements : Height: 100cm (39.3in.) Height 2: 65cm (25.5in.)
Diameter: 60cm (23.6in.)

Item Code:FM320

Shipping:We ship Worldwide

GLADIATOR ceiling light

£ 3,900

Blown glass components on brushed steel structure design by Mazzega .Made in Italy

Vistosi suspension light

£ 2,016

Vistosi Design Pendant blown smoke coloured glass.Made in Murano, Italy

Vistosi suspension light

£ 2,016

Vistosi Design Pendant blown yellow colour glass. Made in Murano, Italy


Vistosi Hooks Ceiling Lights

£ 4,800 / Item

An Italian design by Vistosi. A hand blown clear glass with “hooks” components on chromed steel structure and 5 light bulbs

Revival Ceiling Light

£ 8,160

REVIVAL ceiling light, blown glass with silver and 10 lights Wired to work both in Europe and USA.


Dodici PALLE ceiling light

£ 9,450

Dodici PALLE ceiling light , 12 white satin blown glass shades, brass structure. Italian design.

A Classic Venetian Chandelier

£ 8,340

A Classic Venetian chandelier, blown glass ,12 lighters Mid century designer.

A Classic Venetian eight arms Chandelier

£ 3,360

Blown pale grey colour glass Venetian Chandelier . Made in Murano Italy.

Showing 1–48 of 74 results