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Three arms Venetian chandelier

£ 1,656

Three arms Venetian Chandelier

Conditions: perfect

Measurements : Height: 100cm (39.3in.) Height 2: 65cm (25.5in.)
Diameter: 60cm (23.6in.)

Item Code:FM320

Shipping:We ship Worldwide

GLADIATOR ceiling light

£ 3,900

Blown glass components on brushed steel structure design by Mazzega .Made in Italy

Vistosi suspension light

£ 2,016

Vistosi Design Pendant blown smoke coloured glass.Made in Murano, Italy

Vistosi suspension light

£ 2,016

Vistosi Design Pendant blown yellow colour glass. Made in Murano, Italy


Vistosi Hooks Ceiling Lights

£ 4,800 / Item

An Italian design by Vistosi. A hand blown clear glass with “hooks” components on chromed steel structure and 5 light bulbs

Revival Ceiling Light

£ 8,160

REVIVAL ceiling light, blown glass with silver and 10 lights Wired to work both in Europe and USA.


Dodici PALLE ceiling light

£ 9,450

Dodici PALLE ceiling light , 12 white satin blown glass shades, brass structure. Italian design.

A Classic Venetian Chandelier

£ 8,340

A Classic Venetian chandelier, blown glass ,12 lighters Mid century designer.

A Classic Venetian eight arms Chandelier

£ 3,360

Blown pale grey colour glass Venetian Chandelier . Made in Murano Italy.

A pair of Seguso ceiling light

£ 2,880 / Set

A pair of 1950s suspension lights, blown glass shades circular shaped on a solid black enamel structure. A design by Flavio Poli for Seguso Vetri D’Arte Italy.


Measurements : Height: 60cm (23.6in.) Diameter: 16cm (6.3in.)

Item Code:CL3491 \FM359

Shipping:We ship Worldwide

1960s Suspension Light

£ 3,216

White and red enamelled structure with brass details. Made in Italy circa 1960s.

A large Murano Lattimo ceiling light

£ 7,176

An outstanding ceiling light, blown Lattimo and incased glass. Italian design ca.1960s
3 light bulbs E27

1960s ceiling light by Mazzega

£ 2,256

A 1960s Italian design light, blown clear frosted glass components with blue blown glass in the middle on a steel structure, design by Mazzega.

An outstanding Venini Triedri ceiling light.

£ 18,960

An outstanding ceiling light, “Drum” shaped 587 of blown glass “Triedri” components amber, darker

A pair of Espirit ceiling lights

£ 13,056 / Item

A pair of Espirit ceiling light, blown silver and clear submerso glass components on chromed steel structure. Made in Italy.

Conditions: perfect

Measurements : Height: 120cm Diameter: 90cm

Item Code:FM720

Shipping:We ship Worldwide

Star Five Ceiling light

£ 8,160

Star five ceiling light black shades, brass articulated arms. Design by Fedele Papagni 20th century Italian design.

Longobard design Ceiling Light

£ 4,104

A stunning multicolor hammered glass on wrought iron structure. Italian design ca.1970 by Longobard

A set of 8 La Murrina Barbarico suspending lights

£ 2,300 / Item

La Murrina “Barbarico” technique and sand blasted glass submerged shade ceiling light. Made in Italy c.1960s

Flower Sputnik ceiling light – Pair

£ 3,936 / Item

A pair of Flower Sputnik ceiling lights globe shaped ceiling light.


A large Tubi Irregolari chandelier

£ 10,500 / Item

A large Tubi Irregolari chandelier, 4 tier 12 lights, blown clear glass on white lacquered steel structure design Venini .


Measurements : Height:100cm (39.4in) Height 2: 140cm (55in) Diameter: 120cm (47.2in.)

Item Code:FM1596

Shipping:We ship Worldwide

Item Code:FM1596

Shipping:We ship Worldwide

Loop 40 ceiling light

£ 2,376

A great ceiling light.’loops ‘ curved clear blown Venetian glass components on a steel chromed hand made structure.

Murano Loop 60 chandelier

£ 3,204

A great ceiling light. ‘loops ‘ curved clear blown Venetian glass components on a

A rare Venini pendent light by Massimo Vignelli

£ 4,560

A rare Venini pendent light, blown glass submerged+incased technique multiclours design by Massimo Vignelli. Made in Italy ca.1950s .Top diameter 14cm


Measurements : Height: 100cm (39.4 in) Height 2: 50cm Diameter: 26cm

Item Code:FM104

Shipping:We ship Worldwide

A stunning Venetian chandelier

£ 10,740

A stunning and elegant two tier blown clear Venetian glass chandelier. ca.1960s by Cenedese made in Italy

A rare Fontana Arte ceiling light

£ 4,560

A rare Fontana Arte design ceiling light, Terracotta on metal shade with glass details. Made in Italy ca.1950s


An outstanding Vistosi disc ceiling light

£ 6,960

A very rare opaline colour Vistosi blown glass one a chrome metal structure. Made in Italy .

8 light bulbs


Measurements : Height: 130cm (51.18in) Height 2:100cm (39.4in)Diameter: 100cm (39.4in)

Item Code:FM1627

Shipping:We ship Worldwide

Murano drops ceiling light

£ 4,560

“Drops” shaped blown “opaline” glass component ceiling light

A large Gaetano Sciolari chandelier

£ 6,960

A Large silver plated chandelier with cut crystal glass details. Designed by Gaeatano Sciolari

Stilnovo floor light

£ 4,800 / Set
A pair of floor lamps designed

Stilnovo floor light

£ 4,800 / Set

A pair of floor lamps designed by Stilnovo

1950s French design floor lamp

£ 2,256

A 1950s French design floor lamp, brass structure with Ostrich champagne coloured leather details on the stem, Ivory conic shade.

1950s tripod floor lamp

£ 1,860

1950s tripod floor lamp with three color plastic shades on black enameled structure on a marble base. Italian design.

Shipping Price: £75.00(For UK), £295.00(For USA)

Measurements : Height: 198cm

Item Code:FM213/FL2035

Shipping:We ship Worldwide

Cobra floor light by D Ali Gabrielle

£ 2,700

Cobra floor light, movable shade, chrome steel structure  by D’Ali Gabrielle ca.1968 Shipping:We ship

Glass CACTUS by Poliarte

£ 4,560 /
A glass Cactus light by Poliar

Glass CACTUS by Poliarte

£ 4,560 /

A glass Cactus light by Poliarte ca. 1970s

Conditions: Perfect

Shipping Price: £75.00(For UK), £295.00(For USA)

Measurements : Length/Width: 70cm (27.5in.)Height: 130cm (51in.) Depth: 30cm (11.8in.)s

Item Code:FM259/FL2108

Shipping:We ship Worldwide

1950s Floor light

£ 8,160
An Up lighter floor light with

1950s Floor light

£ 8,160

An Up lighter floor light with two articulated lamp shades by Ostuni for O’Luce , Made in Italy ca.1950s.

Showing 97–144 of 189 results