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Pair of Barovier and Toso design floor lamps

£ 9,240 / Set

A wonderful tall standing light iridescent grey-blue blown glass components design by Barovier  e Toso.

Pair of stunning floor lamps

£ 8,388 / Set
pair  of stunning floor lamps

Pair of stunning floor lamps

£ 8,388 / Set

pair  of stunning floor lamps, clear glass components “TRIEDRI” chromed base and top. Italian design ca.1970.

1960s Italian design floor light by Stilnovo

£ 3,180

An Italian design standing light. 3 brass tubes twisted with 3 shades in white perspex. Made in Italy 1960s. Design by Stilnovo

Shipping:We ship Worldwide

Ico Parisi design floor lamp

£ 3,360

Tall rectangular floor lamp wood and perspex structure on marble base.. Design by Ico Parisi 1960’s

Pair of Spiral Modernist floor lamps

£ 3,540 / Set

pair of  Spiral Modernist floor lamps, Aluminium frame.


Pair of Murano Glass Pyramids Shaped Floor Lights

£ 20,640

A Pair of Murano glass pyramids shaped floor lights, clear with white inclusion, Made in Murano Italy

TAKE FIVE table lamps omage to Joseph Albers

£ 3,360 / Item

Five unique individual works of art table lights

Pair of table lamps by Carlo Venturini

£ 2,160 / Set

A pair of chrome  with brass details base table lamps, white colour shade..the lamps are stamped Bottega Del Lume by Carlo Venturini Made in Italy ca.1970s.

1960’s table lamp by Henri Mathieu

£ 1,056

Pair of table lamps by Gianemilio Piero & Anna Monti, shade made of Fiber glass with a chromed brass base.
five light on a two way switch. Made in Italy c.1960
Published. Rare to find a pair.

Conditions: Perfect

Measurements : Height: 38cm (15in.)Depth:28cm (11in.)

Item Code : T3239A / FM1050

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Gianemilio Piero and Anna Monti design table lamps

£ 7,200 / Set

Pair of table lamps by Gianemilio Piero & Anna Monti, shade made of Fiber

Vistosi lamp

£ 1,074
Hand blown white and clear sub

Vistosi lamp

£ 1,074

Hand blown white and clear submerso table light by Vistosi ca. 1960.

Vistosi design table lamp

£ 1,044

Blown glass table lamp, clear and white submerged glass. Made in Italy by Vistosi

Pair of Table lamps by Roberto Giulio Rida

£ 10,600 / Set

Pair of table lights, brush steel structure with curved blue glass ,white silk shades with blue rim details. Made in Italy by Roberto Giulio Rida.

Mazzega wall sconce

£ 1,080

Mazzega single wall light Item code:FM1450 shipping:We ship Worldwide

Pair of Spider UNO wall or ceiling lamp

£ 4,656

Spider “Uno” wall ceiling light, brass structure with articulated joints, movable shades by D. Mardegan.

black and white colour shade Stilnovo design wall sconce

£ 2,200

A single sconce, double methacrylate shades brass enamelled structure. A design by StilNovo. Made in Italy ca.1960 .

conditions: very good vintage condition

item code : FM1005

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Reggiani disc sconce

£ 1,980

3 chromed metal convex discs on a white lacquered metal structure. Designed by Reggiani Made in Italy c.1970s.

Pair of Riccio wall lights

£ 5,400

A pair of wall lights “RICCIO” hand made brass structure enamelled leaf and shade

Quattro Coni sconces Wall sconces by Diego Mardegan

£ 5,400

A pair of “Quattro Coni” wall lights, four handmade silk shades, on brass structure.

A pair of Venini floor lights

£ 10,800 / Set
A pair of Venini floor light,

A pair of Venini floor lights

£ 10,800 / Set

A pair of Venini floor light,

A pair of Vistosi Hooks wall lights

£ 3,360 / Set

A pair of blown glass “Hooks” wall lights. A Vistosi design 1960’s Made in Murano Italy

A pair of Stilnovo wall lights

Price On Request

A pair of Stilnovo wall lights, blown satin glass shade on a brass and black enameled structure. Made in Italy c.1950

conditions: very good

measurements : Height: 43cm, Length/Width: 12cm, Depth: 18cm

item code : FM559/WL1003

shipping : We ship Worldwide

A Pair of Seguso Murano Shell Shaped Sconces

£ 2,200 /

A pair of green color blown glass shell shapped scones, Made in Italy ca.1960s

conditions: perfect

measurements : Height: 35cm, Length/Width: 25cm, Depth: 15cm

item code : FM1028s

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Set of 4 Barovier e Toso wall sconces

£ 4,000

A set of 4 wall lights, blown glass with gold inclusion, brass details designed by Barovier & Toso Italy c.1960

conditions: perfect

measurements : Height: 40cm, Length/Width: 14cm, Depth: 20cm

item code : WL10019

shipping : We ship Worldwide

A pair of Poliarte wall lights

£ 2,160 / Set

A pair of wall lights, cut glass structure, amber and clear, design by Poliarte

Pair of Seguso sconces

£ 2,100

Pair of Seguso wall lights, hand blown mink colour glass with “Bullicante” technique ,

1960s Mazzaga wall sconce

£ 936

A single 1960s Mazzaga wall light

measurements :

item code : FM1777

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Angelo Brotto lighting wall panel

£ 4,560

A lighting Panel, stainless steel with glass decoration design by Angelo Brotto Made in Italy .1970


item code : FM1385/WL1005

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Pair of Large Venini quadriedri glass Murano sconces

£ 5,760

Pair of wall lights , Clear cut blown glass components ” Quadriedri “suspended on

Pair of wall light by Gino Sarfatti

£ 4,620

Pair of wall lights by Gino Sarfatti, blown glass shade on an enamel metal

Pair of clear TRIEDRI glass wall lights

£ 2,256 / Set

A pair of TRIEDRI wall lights, Made in Italy. (Also available in Amber and

Pair of Mid century Gold and clear glass wall lights by Barovier e Toso

£ 2,376

A pair of Barovier and Toso wall lights, Blown clear glass with gold inclusion. Made in Murano Italy ca.1960s.

measurements : Height: 40cm (15.74in.), Length/Width:30cm (11.8in.) Depth: 15cm (5.9in.)

item code : FM591/WL1160

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Pair of Gino Sarfatti wall lights

£ 4,560

Pair of wall lights, two beautiful large brass wall sconces zap on. lamp holders

A Set Of Four Venetian Sconces

£ 5,760

A set of four Venetian sconces, mink colour blown glass component. Made in Italy Murano ca.1940.

measurements : Height: 48cm (18.9in.), Length/Width:45cm (17.7in.) Depth: 28cm (11in.)

item code : FM1839 / WL1071

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Pair of Mid-Century wall lights by Seguso

£ 2,160

A pair of Seguso wall lights, transparent blue glass shade on chrome structure. Made in Italy ca.1960s

Glass shade can be moved around.

measurements : Height: 25cm (9.8in.), Length/Width:18cm (7in.), Depth: 25cm (9.8in.)

item code : FM1436

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Pair of Venini CALZE wall sconces

£ 2,616

Venini Calze sconces, blown transparent amethyst, blue colour glass components on white enamelled structure.

A pair of Gio Ponti design sconces

£ 4,620 / Set

Pair of wall light designed by Gio Ponti Made in italy ca.1960

2 pairs available

Pair of hexagonal shaped sconces by Stilnovo

£ 2,760

A pair of hexagonal flush mount / sconce stamped Stilnovo Lacquered metal polished brass

pair of uplighter chromed wall sconces

£ 1,056

A pair of uplighter chromed sconces, French 1970s measurements : Height: 16cm (6.29in), Length/Width:

Brutalist sconces or flash ceiling lights

£ 3,840

A pair of sconces or flash lights, glass on wrought iron. Italian design ca.1970s by Longobard

measurements : Height: 50cm (19.6in), Length/Width: 50cm (19.6in), Depth: 17cm (6.6in)

item code : FM1749

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Showing 145–189 of 189 results