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Pair of gold colour Gio Ponti wall-lights

£ 8,250 / Set

A pair of wall lights designed by Gio Ponti Made in italy ca.1960 Florescent

Set of 3 Hammered glass wall lights by Longobard

£ 4,300

A set of 3 sconces, wrought iron structure with clear and amber glass rock.

Pair of wall lights by Gaetano Sciolari

£ 2,200

Pair of wall lights, glass shade on brushed steel with brass decoration, design by

Give me your hand wall lights

£ 7,760

Outstanding pair of wall lights. Brass structure with flower holder ,enamelled shades with a message.
Bespoke work of art by designer Diego Mardegan

LUIGI 7 wall or ceiling light

£ 4,740

“Luigi 7”, seven articulated arms, cream white colour enamelled shades on a brass structure. Gino Sarfatti design. Made in Italy

conditions: perfect

Item Code:FM538

Shipping:We ship Worldwide

A pair of Fontana Arte wall lights

Price On Request

A pair of Fontana Arte wall lights

conditions: perfect

measurements : Height:50 cm,Length/Width: 38 cmDepth: 20 cm

item code : WL1006 \FM590

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Mazzega wall sconce

£ 1,080

Mazzega single wall light Item code:FM1450 shipping:We ship Worldwide

Pair of Spider UNO wall or ceiling lamp

£ 4,656

Spider “Uno” wall ceiling light, brass structure with articulated joints, movable shades by D. Mardegan.

black and white colour shade Stilnovo design wall sconce

£ 2,200

A single sconce, double methacrylate shades brass enamelled structure. A design by StilNovo. Made in Italy ca.1960 .

conditions: very good vintage condition

item code : FM1005

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Reggiani disc sconce

£ 1,980

3 chromed metal convex discs on a white lacquered metal structure. Designed by Reggiani Made in Italy c.1970s.

Pair of Riccio wall lights

£ 5,400

A pair of wall lights “RICCIO” hand made brass structure enamelled leaf and shade

Quattro Coni sconces Wall sconces by Diego Mardegan

£ 5,400

A pair of “Quattro Coni” wall lights, four handmade silk shades, on brass structure.

Mid century modern steel wall sconce

£ 1,176

1960s light sculpture, brushed steel structure in the style of Maria Pergay Made in France.

A pair of Vistosi Hooks wall lights

£ 3,360 / Set

A pair of blown glass “Hooks” wall lights. A Vistosi design 1960’s Made in Murano Italy

A pair of Stilnovo wall lights

Price On Request

A pair of Stilnovo wall lights, blown satin glass shade on a brass and black enameled structure. Made in Italy c.1950

conditions: very good

measurements : Height: 43cm, Length/Width: 12cm, Depth: 18cm

item code : FM559/WL1003

shipping : We ship Worldwide

A Pair of Seguso Murano Shell Shaped Sconces

£ 2,200 /

A pair of green color blown glass shell shapped scones, Made in Italy ca.1960s

conditions: perfect

measurements : Height: 35cm, Length/Width: 25cm, Depth: 15cm

item code : FM1028s

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Set of 4 Barovier e Toso wall sconces

£ 4,000

A set of 4 wall lights, blown glass with gold inclusion, brass details designed by Barovier & Toso Italy c.1960

conditions: perfect

measurements : Height: 40cm, Length/Width: 14cm, Depth: 20cm

item code : WL10019

shipping : We ship Worldwide

A pair of Poliarte wall lights

£ 2,160

A pair of wall lights, cut glass structure, amber and clear, design by Poliarte

Pair of Seguso sconces

£ 2,100

Pair of Seguso wall lights, hand blown mink colour glass with “Bullicante” technique ,

1960s Mazzaga wall sconce

£ 936

A single 1960s Mazzaga wall light

measurements :

item code : FM1777

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Angelo Brotto lighting wall panel

£ 4,560

A lighting Panel, stainless steel with glass decoration design by Angelo Brotto Made in Italy .1970


item code : FM1385/WL1005

shipping : We ship Worldwide

A pair of Vistosi Disc wall lights

£ 950

A pair of Vistosi disc wall lights, Amethyst and and white inclusion. Italian design

2 lights

measurements : item code : FM575/WL1135

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Pair of Large Venini quadriedri glass Murano sconces

£ 5,760

Pair of wall lights , Clear cut blown glass components ” Quadriedri “suspended on

Pair of wall light by Gino Sarfatti

£ 4,620

Pair of wall lights by Gino Sarfatti, blown glass shade on an enamel metal

Pair of clear TRIEDRI glass wall lights

£ 2,256 / Set

A pair of TRIEDRI wall lights, Made in Italy. (Also available in Amber and

Pair of Mid century Gold and clear glass wall lights by Barovier e Toso

£ 2,376

A pair of Barovier and Toso wall lights, Blown clear glass with gold inclusion. Made in Murano Italy ca.1960s.

measurements : Height: 40cm (15.74in.), Length/Width:30cm (11.8in.) Depth: 15cm (5.9in.)

item code : FM591/WL1160

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Pair of Gino Sarfatti wall lights

£ 4,560

Pair of wall lights, two beautiful large brass wall sconces zap on. lamp holders

A Set Of Four Venetian Sconces

£ 5,760

A set of four Venetian sconces, mink colour blown glass component. Made in Italy Murano ca.1940.

measurements : Height: 48cm (18.9in.), Length/Width:45cm (17.7in.) Depth: 28cm (11in.)

item code : FM1839 / WL1071

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Pair of Mid-Century wall lights by Seguso

£ 2,160

A pair of Seguso wall lights, transparent blue glass shade on chrome structure. Made in Italy ca.1960s

Glass shade can be moved around.

measurements : Height: 25cm (9.8in.), Length/Width:18cm (7in.), Depth: 25cm (9.8in.)

item code : FM1436

shipping : We ship Worldwide

Pair of Venini CALZE wall sconces

£ 2,616

Venini Calze sconces, blown transparent amethyst, blue colour glass components on white enamelled structure.

A pair of Vistosi Disc sconces

A good pair of Italian design wall lights. Blown glass amber disc components on a chromed steel structure. 2 lights bulbs each. A Design by Vistosi.

A pair of Gio Ponti design sconces

£ 4,620 / Set

Pair of wall light designed by Gio Ponti Made in italy ca.1960

2 pairs available

Pair of hexagonal shaped sconces by Stilnovo

£ 2,760

A pair of hexagonal flush mount / sconce stamped stilnovo

Lacquered metal polished brass with etched glass Made in Italy 1950s

measurements : Height: 32cm, Length/Width: 35cm, Depth: 10cm

item code : FM570

shipping : We ship Worldwide

pair of uplighter chromed wall sconces

£ 1,056

A pair of uplighter chromed sconces, French 1970s measurements : Height: 16cm (6.29in), Length/Width:

Brutalist sconces or flash ceiling lights

£ 3,840

A pair of sconces or flash lights, glass on wrought iron. Italian design ca.1970s by Longobard

measurements : Height: 50cm (19.6in), Length/Width: 50cm (19.6in), Depth: 17cm (6.6in)

item code : FM1749

shipping : We ship Worldwide

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