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1960s Luminous mirror


A 1960s luminous mirror. Italian Design

Measurements : Diameter: 65cm

Item Code:M2086 \FM1336

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An outstanding mirror by Roberto Rida


An outstanding mirror, white glass structure with red circular blown glass inserts. Made in Italy late 20th Century

conditions: perfect

Measurements : Height :89cm Length/Width: 89cm Depth: : 4cm

Item Code:M2115

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1927 Italian carved mirror


An Enchanting 1927 ca. carved wood gilt semi circular top with etching printing on mirror. Made in Italy

conditions: very good, no chip on mirror

Measurements : Height :100cm (39.4in.) Length/Width: 52cm (20.5in.)

Item Code:M2060 \FM1238

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DRUM Mirror

Price On Request
"DRUM" mirror, brush steel str

DRUM Mirror

Price On Request

“DRUM” mirror, brush steel structure with internal yellow enamel hanging on a silk strap. comes with a wall mount. Italian design late ca.20th Century

conditions: Perfect

Measurements : Height : 119cm (46.8in.) Diameter: 94cm (37in.)

Item Code:M2229

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50s Italian Wrought iron mirror


A 1950s Italian wrought iron mirror”medieval” Knight style.

Measurements : Depth: : 4cm (1.6in.)) Diameter: 48cm (18.8in.)

Item Code:M2234 / FM398

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Narcisso mirror by Sergio Mazza


Narcisso mirror, Circular steel structure by Sergio Mazza for Artemide ca. 1960s

Measurements : Depth: 6cm (2.4in.) Diameter: 84cm (33.1in.)

Item Code:M2045

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Pair Juanita Mirrors by Frigerio

$8,649 / Set

A rare vintage bronzed brass framed mirror. Original design by Frigerio, 1960’s. Superlative italian design. Title: “Juanita”. Smoked like crystal brass.

Measurements : Height : 72.5cm (28.5in.) Length/Width: 72.5cm (28.5in.)

Item Code:FM635 / FM636

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1900 Carved gilt wood mirror

A carved wood gilt frame,, French ca.1900

conditions: very good

Measurements : Height : 55cm Length/Width: 46cm Depth: 7cm

Item Code:FM521

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1950s carved wood Mirror


A 1950s mirror, lacqured in light grey color , carved wooden decor on the side in a shape of wings. Made in Italy

conditions: very good

Measurements : Height : 100cm (39.4in) Height 2 : 67cm (26.4in)

Item Code:FM1682

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Pop art illuminating mirror


A detachable double sided circular mirror on a red ceramic illuminating base made in Italy.

Showing all 10 results