Manhattan chandelier
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Manhattan chandelier

£ 7,176

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Excellent: Like new or has never been used.
Restoration and Damages details
Design Period Production Period Year Of Production
From 2000 2010 to Present 2018
Style Designer Maker
Modern The FM Gallery The FM Gallery
Material Artist Place Of Origin
Plexiglass, Brass [N/A] Italy
Color Height Seat Height
White, Gold 80 cm - 100 cm [N/A]
Length/Width Depth Diameter
70 cm (27.5in) 70 cm (27.5in) [N/A]


Manhattan chandelier, sculptural lighting fixture, Bespoke design created through a series of handcrafted steps as an homage to Stilnovo Midcentury Style. Signed by Artist  Solid brass structure warm finished 16 white Plexiglass shades.


Lead time 6 -7 Weeks