Manhattan chandelier
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Manhattan chandelier

£ 7,176

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Excellent: Like new or has never been used.
Restoration and Damages details
Design Period Production Period Year Of Production
21st Century [N/A] 2018
Style Designer Maker
[N/A] [N/A] [N/A]
Material Artist Place Of Origin
Plexiglass, Brass [N/A] Italy
Color Height Seat Height
White, Gold [N/A] [N/A]
Length/Width Depth Diameter
70cm (27.5in) 70cm (27.5in) [N/A]


Manhattan chandelier, sculptural lighting fixture, Bespoke design created through a series of handcrafted steps as an homage to Stilnovo Midcentury Style. Signed by Artist  Solid brass structure warm finished 16 white Plexiglass shades.


Lead time 6 -7 Weeks