who we are

Francesca and Michael Ahose founded The FM Gallery in 2006 in London UK, fuelled by the great passion they share for the worlds of Design, Art and Interiors.

Since the early days, they have been acting as forerunners and market creators in the 20th century field, gathering outstanding design in lighting, furniture, decorative arts, graphic works, a remarkable collection of art glass and signed period costume jewellery.


Their ever-changing collection is chosen with an attentive eye on quality, details and craftsmanship.


Francesca and Michael adore travelling all over the globe always on the outlook for iconic pieces with a story to tell and enjoy creating the settings in their gallery.


The FM gallery also promotes the works of established and emergent designers, artists, through their contemporary bespoke line.


Their clients include leading interior designers, fellow gallerists, artists, notable collectors, general public as well as influential names in fashion and show business.